How do I become an actor? 
Acting is a craft, an occupation, a passion. There are many outlets available to a beginning actor- and you should research and take advantage of every opportunity. 

The learning process is a never ending one. You should search out every opportunity to learn, observe, perform. Take classes in acting for the camera and improvisation. Audition for theatre. Watch commercials, TV, films, listen to radio, read industry publications. Know your business. 

How do I get an agent? 
An agent’s job is to represent good talent and help the actor find work opportunities. Agents are always on the look-out for new faces. Contact the agencies in your area- ask them what is their procedure for meeting new talent. Be sure that you have your marketing tools (Headshot/resume) ready! 

How can I be represented by Heery Loftus Casting? 
Heery Loftus Casting is NOT an agency, therefore, we do not represent actors. A casting director’s job is to represent the production company, helping them find the right talent for their job. 

To be considered for auditions at Heery Loftus Casting, an actor’s work must be known to us; either from stage or film performances or through our open call process. Please DO NOT mail in pictures unless we specifically request them. Also please DO NOT E-MAIL pictures! 

How can I be seen for auditions? 
Once your work is known to us, if the right role for you presents itself, you’ll be called in to audition for that role. Stay in touch with your agent for “updates” on work opportunities and check our website and Facebook page regularly. 

What’s a good headshot and where can I get one? 
A good headshot should look like you ! The industry standard is 8 x10, color, matte finish. There are many good photographers here in Philly and in New York – you need to do your homework and shop around. 

How can I become an extra? 
To be considered for extra work, please check our page regularly. We have calls for extras on an "as needed" basis. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully- each project may have differing needs.